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Employee Care

Carry forward the spirit of artisans and show the elegance of laborers. Huayu Huayuan develops job skills competition

Release date:2019-05-28

  In order to further promote the overall improvement of work quality and improve the labor skills and enthusiasm of employees, Huayu Huayuan Electronic Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. held the first job skills competition on May 28, 2019. Through this competition, the aim is to improve the job skills of employees and promote product quality to a new level.

  Huayu Huayuan Trade Union organizes job skills competitions to stimulate and mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of all employees, and form a big environment of “comparing, learning, rushing, helping, and super”, thus continuously improving the work quality of employees and improving work skills. Vigorously promote the spirit of "dedication, love and dedication" and create a good atmosphere of "respecting labor, respecting knowledge, respecting talents, and respecting innovation".

  The purpose of this competition is to create an atmosphere of “everyone is a technical expert and everyone is a skill model” through the skill competition. The atmosphere of the game was intense and intense. The nets, nets, holes, adjustments, printing plates, and visual inspections were all meticulous.

  Finally, Zhong Jun, Chairman of Huayu Huayuan Labor Union, congratulated the team and individuals who won the competition, and encouraged everyone to continue to play the spirit of craftsman who is not afraid of being tired and tired, and create a successful tomorrow with hardworking hands in the future work.